Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back Home


It is hard to know where to begin- we are exhausted after our flight which we spent worrying about health problems which have emerged in the last week for my mother-in-law and father .So after a quick snooze ,Collin has gone to see his mother in hospital and we called by my fathers on the way home-he will hear next week what the surgeon is contemplating doing.

Othewrwise i will start at somewhere near the beginning and keep it textile related.The first photo is of an old woodblock print from the Al Azam Palace in Damascus- I adore woodblocks and woodcuts. The palace had a dedicated printing area for textiles. The second photo is of Damascene cloth from the cloth souq. Unfortunately the number of stalls selling this cloth seemed to be less compared to last years visit- and my budget and suitcase space did not run to buying some ( the reason why, will emerge)- but then there is next year as it looks likely I shall be travelling back to Damascus ( this will make it more my home city than the one closest to me- Melbourne- and can you see me grinning) The last photo is the fantastic patterning of the ceiling of the Great Mosque in Damascus- this area is one of the few sections that survived a great fire in the nineteenth century and is a marvel- I really wanted to lie on the ground to photograph it, but my pre teen daughter who was travelling with me thought this much too embarasssing.However I have three words to say- I love Damascus!

Once again I met many wonderful people, have put more faces to some of the readers of my blog and will try to post regularly. I have a lot of work to make in the next two weeeks as I have been invited by Magic Patch to exhibit work at their Expo in June of this year- and some of the work needs to be made ( I wish I could say ideas were fully formed in my head, but they are not- but there is always tonight). This is not a totally bad thing as I tend to procrastinate when I get back from such a long trip ( nearly three months)- there is simply no other way than to do.
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kristin L said...

Welcome back home! Your photos are rich. I can see the woodblock as a quiting pattern; and if I were in the mosque with you, I would have laid down as well! (of course I'm no longer a teenager!) I wish a good outcome for your parents, and some time for you to decompress from the trip and formulate all sorts of wonderful creative things.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Dijanne,

Welcome back, and thank you for sharing those lovely pictures I could sit and stare at themm on my coputer screen endlessly.

Judy, Tassie.

joyce said...

Welcome back. I hope all goes well with your parents. I enjoy seeing photos of your trip to such an exotic place.

Gerrie said...

It is good to read your blog post. What a rich source of inspiration in those photos. good thoughts for the parents are coming your way.

Emmy said...

welcome back it is good to see you are home safe I hope it wil go well with your parents .

Shirley Goodwin said...

Welcome back, Dijanne. Lovely photos as always, and i look forward to see what you put together for Magic Patch.

Anonymous said...

I've missed you, Welcome home!
hope all is well with the parents. it's a worrying time of life - kids and parents to care for and worry over.
best wishes,
Karen in Coolamon