Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fabric I Dyed


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The fabric in the photo is a piece of fabric I dyed the other day. One of the things I love about dyeing is that there is no such thing as a failed piece of fabric. This piece started as a failed piece of gray ( and as I was low on fabric and itching to get back to dyeing I resurrected it again). The gray had gone too green and had become nondescript- pale yuk .This was also the fabric that was not behaving very nicely in the dyeing process before I went away- or I wasn't gettting the results I normally do- I am thinking the water might have been the culprit after all- with high levels of chlorine to counter algination in the summer heat- because the piece that is in the photo is back to the old definitions of colour contrast- in actual fact the piece in the flesh is even more contrasty as to what I see on the monitor.

We have had a lot of rain during the week has has brought forth a multitude of different mushrooms. I wish I knew more about mushrooms, I have always been fascinated by them. This little red one came up almost overnight- along with other family members- but something is eatig them- so if we find hallucinating bushrats around ( whom I suspect of being the culprits) I will know why!

Went to see Pirates of the Carribean III- The Worlds End last night- story crazy and all over the place as the previous two- but wonderful nonetheless! I loved the Singapore scenes- so visually rich and textural and the costumes that went with that segment of the film.


The Wittering Rainbow said...

The fabric looks gorgeous to me - if you have any more like that that need a home, you know where I am (vbg) Glad you got back safe and sound and pleased to hear that Australia is having some rain - even if it means you get inundated with mushrooms! The image of hallucinating bushrats made me laugh....and as for the images of Johnny Depp in pirate gear - well, what can I say?

kristin L said...

Oooh you have a Fliegenpilz! I love all the folklore surrounding these toadstools. Halucinating Bushrats sounds pretty funny too.

jpsam said...

And here I thought that by saying I thought it was Amanita muscaria that I would be helping out. Oh Fliegenpilz!