Friday, February 09, 2007

Ten More days

The launch of Sense of Place went really well. At the last moment the Syrian Ambassador could not come as he was delayed in Damascus, a pity, but we had a good night anyway. It would have been nice to have had a few more people, but those that came had an enjoyable time, and Bev Brock was a wonderful MC and really livened up the evening. We had a silent auction and an Art to Wear auction, and the raffle wrap- all went for around the price we had hoped, so I know at least I have the cost of accommodation in Syria covered.
The quilt pictured here has been slowly growing- it still needs something else, but I haven't decided what yet- I think it might be squiggle shapes in the areas where I have used the scrim, perhaps in black thread.
Thank you for all the nice comments about the scarf- I have been thinking of making these to sell but as always pricing is an issue.I am not sure what to charge as they are quite time consuming by the time you have painted the silk, printed it and then cut out the shapes and sewn it.
And this will be your last chance to Purchase Seventy Two Ways not to Stipple or Meander- Ideas for Free machine Quilting for the next couple of months, as I cannot send it out whilst I am away. The cost for the book is $25US ( i have had to increase the US rate by $2 due to exchange rate and the fact that the post office has scrapped it's economy air option), $ 25AUS and 12 pound sterling or 18 euros, all inclusive of postage ( the cd is cheaper) if interested please contact me, and I can be paid on Paypal.


Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful. How big is it overall?

Vicki W said...

This piece is lovely!

Carol said...

This is totally gorgeous, i love it! The colors the stitching, it is just lovely. Well done.

Dianne said...

Oh Dijanne
This is really amasing love the scrim over it just brilliant, But I agree, more stitches for the Dijanne mark on it..
Fabulous work as always your are such an insperation to us all.
Sa far as the scar goes no less the $75.oo it would be worth evey penny..

mereth said...

I love your pieces, they are so unlike what I do they are a real inspiration. I'd like to order the book, I've heard good things about it. My email is

Anonymous said...

I would like to order your book. How can I contact you without posting my email address here?