Monday, September 11, 2006

On the Road

I have six hours to kill at Singapore Airport- so I thought I would post, so no pictures I am sorry. We have had a terrible week , Collin's father and my children's grandfather died on Thursday rather more suddenly than we had thought or hoped. I was away teaching at Quilt Indulgence so my children were home alone, as Collin went to see his father the last time- a scenario I had desperately tried to avoid,but I couldn't get a flight out Thursday night and family lives about 4-5 hours from here we live.My children are desperately sad as he was a much loved poppy. The funeral is Thursday and unfortunately I have to keep travelling.

I am sure I snored on the plane to Singapore , as we have all been a bit sleep deprived.

I am on my way to Carrefour de European Patchwork in Val d'Argent and will be helping out at Changing the World One Thread at a Time curated by Thelma Smith ( Link in my link column- I can't hyperlink on this computer sorry) Marion Barnett and Sandy Marcoux will also be there. Thelma has produced a cd catalogue of the work in the exhibition. I shall also have my Seventy Two Ways Not to Stipple or Meander available- after some much appreciated help from Kristin le Flamme( see Kristin's blog also in my links column) in organising printing in Germany. Thank you Kristin!


Anonymous said...

After reading your post all I can say is take care Dijanne and hope you will soon be back with your family

teri springer said...

You and your family will be in my prayers.

Safe travels.


ina klugt said...

just love, we cry for you, Colin and the girls. kisses, ina klugt.

Rosemary said...

So sorry to hear of your father in law dying while you were away at the Quilt Indulgence; sorry, too, that you couldn't be at his funeral. I hope your time in Europe is reminding you that sombre colours belong with contrasts, and on the heels of dark times there often come times of bright radiance. If things are going well in Val d'Argent - as I hope they are - soak it up. We don't get what we deserve and deserve what we get, we just get what we get and make what we can of it. Life is giving you lemons, sour grapes and the rough end of the pineapple, and you probably feel you're going bananas. Put in something peachy and you've got a great fruit salad coming!
The time you spent at the Quilt Indulgence was much appreciated. Your printing workshop made me remember how much I enjoyed lino-cutting at school, 35 years ago, and I'm back into it. You've put me back in touch with something very special for me.
By the way, a Tifaifai quilt was one of the very few things held up at the QI Gala Dinner show and tell, so although that workshop didn't happen, the technique was on display.