Friday, September 29, 2006


There are many books on tapping your creativity including Danny Gregory's books of which I have "The Creative Licence" his most recent foray into inspiring aspiring artists and which is availble from his website. Danny also has a very inspirational blog called Every Day Matters which you will find on his website. Marion Barnett gave me my copy of the book, and it was good reading for the aeroplane.

However I recently received Sandra Meech's new book Creative Quilts; Inspiration, Textures & Stitch published by Batsford and there is plenty of things to mull over and be inspired by. Sandra says of her book on her website ( which I have linked)"My new book is devoted to exploring creativity from the first ideas to the finished piece taking inspiration from contemporary art, architecture and world textiles and includes new techniques for texture using tyvek and wireform. Throughout the book there will be a closer look at design and composition, and with additional workshops and a whole chapter devoted to sketchbooks....there is something for everyone. "
I was delighted that Sandra had asked me if she could include "If Hundertwasser Had Lived in the Otways" for the book and I am really happy with the colour production of it in the book.Sandra's blurb says it all. It is a great resource for those embarking on the art path, but there is plenty of ideas, inspirations and wonderful photographs for those further along the path . There are some good ideas for working up your thinking of your work and adding layers of depth/meaning to your researches. The signed book is available form Sandra's website. I also have Sandra's first book ( Contemporary Quilts:Design,Surface and Stitch) and I have to say hers are amongst the few quilt books I actually have- my library leans to textiles and the history of textiles and art.


Deb Geyer said...

I just got Creative Quilts this week. It is a great book; lots of inspiration and ideas.

Trienie Krugel said...

Hi there,
I am so glad to read about this new book, I have the 1st one, and love it! I am you visitor from South Africa, and I also have a quilt of mine included in the World Quilt Show.
I like your work, thanks for showing it!
Trienie Krugel

Jill Smith said...

The two Sandra Meech books are my all time favourites and nothing comes near. I have ordered books since and there now on ebay at cheap prices as all the things in them are what l have done but l would never do the same with Sandra's
One thing, could you let me have the textile 9/11 exhibition url in Holland if you have it as l have looked all over and cannot find it, thank you for your blog as l am always looking and you are such a strong person,