Thursday, June 23, 2005


Gelderse Clock, Erve Brooks
I was going to post some pictures of some more of the textile painting I did with the paint from Trapsuutjies ( I also dragged quite a lot of these home on the plane and am glad they did not check the weight of my hand luggage!) However instead I have posted some pictures of Erve Brooks which is an old Saxon farm and just delightful. I also posted a pic of poppies- I love poppies and for me the symbolise my childhood- I took a lot of pics of poppies and hope to work them up into a quilt one of these days.

However meanwhile I have to do something about the state of my house- with Collin studying and three kids who are scared of housework by the looks of it, something has to be done- and then there is two birthday parties this weekend involving sleepovers here. I will post more regularly now that I am home! I have found out I am teaching at Val d'Argent at St marie aux Mines in France from 15-19 September this year which fits in with the installation of Across Australia at the Panorama Mesdag in early October- so I shall be back in Europe in mid September.Posted by Hello

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