Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Breaking All The Rules

Anneke's Quilt Posted by Hello
Anneke's quilt and the previous four quilts are all work which was produced in a workshop I taught last year entitled Breaking All the Rules. It was a thrill to see the finished pieces and my apologies to the makers for not recording their names! Each one is so different in a sense- and I enjoy seeing the playfulness that each student has incorporated into their finished piece ( I just have to get a bit better at making clearer photographs!)

And on another note- I have been babbling on about 10,000 steps in the past. I was wearing my pedometer in workshops I taught last week and was surprised to find that I stepped between 8,000-12,000 steps on the days I taught. However I do like the feeling of well being I get from going out in the morning and walking for an hour- it sort of energizes your day. Sometimes so much that I do another half hour walk in the evening as well. There are all sorts of sites promoting 10,000 steps but I found the site I have linked to be very useful for basic information. And yes the weight is coming off and I do feel better!

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Anonymous said...

Wow these are too beautiful, you are the best for sure, thanks for sharing..'
Dianne (Sandys sis)