Wednesday, February 09, 2005

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Chinese cape Posted by Hello

Last weekend I spent at Ardingly in the South of England, with the Australian and New Zealand quilts I had taken for exhibition. Downstairs was a stall of Chinese textiles owned by Sally Chang who unfortunately has no website, but her business is called Chang's. We got talking about the indigo dyed textiles she had and then, out from under the table appeared an incredible collection of Chinese textiles and embroideries that she had purchased from villagers in Guizhon Province in China. Of course it was instantaneous love- and plotting as to how to get one of the ceremonial/decorative capes that villagers wore for celebrations. It turned out Sally was prepared to trade a piece for one of my quilts- heaven!! ( it's my birthday present to myself!) The photograph is a small detail of one of the capes. The stitching is very fine and this piece has been executed in a style similar to Hmong appliques. I am so thrilled to have this piece as it bears the marks of human wear and there are a couple of repairs to it- it is exciting to think that this sort of fine work and workmanship is still part of life in a village in China.Last night my friend Sandy with whom I am staying near Cambridge photographed it for me so that i was able to put it on the blog. Hi Sandy!! and thanks.

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penny armitage said...

Dear Dijanne, I hope you enjoyed your trip to cold old England. I was the lady from Kuwait, but I forgot to tell you my name-- Penny Armitage. I've told Felicity and Joan Fisher, our Kuwait Textile Association Chairman ,about meeting you.They were very jealous! Do you have a proper website that we can view your quilts on and what sort of workshops can you offer? I'm glad you managed to finish your quilt at Ardingly , and hope you sold lots more prints. Thank-you for my elephants, I look forward to working with it, and will remember the heat it was printed in, in sunny Oz. It was good to meet you, Penny Armitage