Thursday, February 10, 2005


Procrastination Posted by Hello
Hi Celeste, Siena and Ynez- lots of pirate hugs to you! On deck!
I often reduce pictures into greyscale to see the areas of contrast and to get a better idea of positive and negative space. I did that with the Chinese textile and am still intrigued by the incredible detail of the design and the fact that it is sewn. Tomorrow I go to Wroxham Barns to teach and then spend a few days with an internet friend, and then come back here and get into quilt making! Apart from a hand sewn piece that i did at Ardingly ( and gasp I even did french knots of sorts!) I haven't made a quilt for over 6 months.
Ok some interesting work that you might enjoy; a ">miniature international invitational


Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Hi Dijanne, Glad you're having a good journey so far. Thank you for showing this textile in black/white. Amazing! I hadn't thought of analyzing a piece in quite that way, and this could be a useful technique in my own work. So thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dijanne! You say you haven't made a quilt for six months, are you talking about a bed quilt? You got me confused!