Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Last two Days

Starry Night Posted by Hello

I knew the minute that I started working with a green hued fabric that orange would not be far off. On Wednesday a parcel arrived from my husband- he had printed me up a whole pile of lino-cuts which he sent me here in Cambridgeshire. He and I both make the lino-cuts and they are usually of animals. I also cut a kuba inspired little lino-cut earlier this week and printed up some fabric. So I thought I would use some of them in the little quilt 'Safari'- which is about 24 inches square. it still needs to be quilted, but the top is together.
The other quilt Starry Night is a small version of one of the styles of quilt of a class I teach- Breaking All the Rules- this is one variation where you piece squares so that no lines meet ( which results in lines of colour running through the fabric- eg just look at the black fabric and you will see what I mean) and then you applique more squares in order to alter the balance. You can of course put other shapes or even add in a third colour. The movement comes from the fact that it has been cut by hand and eyeballed rather than rules precisely.I also like trees and I was playing with a stylised form of tree seeing how different the positive looks to the negative.Now I have to quilt them!

And whilst I am at it- I have in the past spent quite some time( not telling how much ) on the website and blog of Sharon Boggon- her site has many things to visit including a glossary of embroidery stitches, her shareware project, her blog which links to many many other textile related blogs- if you can't find it anywhere you are likely to find it on Sharon's site

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Linda B. said...

Not a good post :)

I've spent far too long on Sharon's website (some good stuff to go re-visit) and I live no where near West Wratting......

Linda in Sale