Monday, October 25, 2004

Rough Stitching a Book Cover

Rough Stitching a book cover Posted by Hello
I am having trouble focusing since my last lots of travels and really I need to be having my head down and making lace for an exhibition in February. Meanwhile I keep making more bookcovers out of scraps of material that I found lying in my workroom and which will hopefully re-enthuse me. I have vliesofixed fabric onto momogami paper- this creates a sturdy leather like surface with which to stitch. Poor Japanese workers used to wear momogami because they could not afford the more expenisve fabric. The method creates soft covered books, and I like the feel of soft covers. I stitch in detail with the machine and contrasting thread colour to try and add to the dynamics of what is essentially scraps thrown together. The printing you can see is done with lino-cuts.

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