Monday, October 25, 2004

Journal entry- griot postcard

This photo shows a page out of my journal in which I tried looking hard at the griot postcard and seeing what I could see. Obviously the rough stitching attracted me- they are so expressive, and so much the voice of the maker of this coat.It lead me to thinking how do you use stitch and how can you make perfectly ordinary stitches like running stitch be expressive and a mark making tool as hand writing and drawing is? My stitches are always reasonably neat, though big- is the neatness how I mark make? and if it is what does it look like? Does it convey anything other than neatness? Is the espressivenss of stitch determined by rhythm- I certainly can see a rough rhythm in the stitching of the griots coat- but it is a syncopated and improvised to suit the need. How do you carry that lesson into your own work and what rhythms lead my hand?
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Anonymous said...

Looking at your griot postcard, I am listening to a group of five CD with the machine shuffling the order. African drums and music. A distinct rhyth and cadence. I suppose if one sort of matched up the music and the nature of the work the nature of the music might flow through your fingers.