Thursday, October 28, 2004

My great grandmother in costume Posted by Hello
I am in my last year of finishing a masters in visual and performing art at Charles Sturt University.I started with the idea that I would be making quilts exploring the experience of immigration and I struggled to conceptualise this idea. I did write a small book dealing with what I remembered of the experience as a 9 1/2 year old child- but how do you translate that? But as I started to look further, and after reading a book by Eva Hoffman entitled Lost in Translation- Life in Another Language , the issue that became important was the 'difference' of being Australian and Dutch and what did it bring to the melange? It started me on a totally different tack. I started looking at photos of my family- I studied the photos to try and discover something that I could visually explore. The costume that my great grandmother is wearing is interesting of itself but it was ultimately the lace that spoke ot me, that gave me an avenue for exploration. The lace says so much of the life of this person, so I am wanting to make lace that carries that kind of communication- I hope.

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Elle said...

You great grandmother looks beautiful in her lace. I recently received very old family photos from my grandmother. They are the most valuable things I own.