Friday, June 12, 2015

Goodbye Europe Until Next Time

Well I am at the airport waiting for my plane and have some time to  kill. It's been a great trip with a few mishaps and I am actually dreading going home. I have some housesitting next  week for two adorable cavalier spaniels and I will pack up my studio ,simply because it's a bit of a luxury.

Some wonderful things happened... I have been invited to exhibit at:
Creatif ' art Aix en Provence in September. 
I hope to be at Ste Marie aux Mines not as an exhibitor but in another role( more information later)
I am also guest exhibitor at  Salon Tendances Créatives TOULOUSE in October
I will be exhibiting at the offices of Ethiea Gestion  next door to the Hausmann Printemps ( in the centre of Paris) but most exciting of all this group who are in partnership with organisations in Chartres and organise a mixed artist exhibition in Chartres have invited me to exhibit in March 2016-it's been a dream to have my Chartres pieces exhibited in Chartres!

Some less wonderful things...
I managed to kill my camera- my friend , my companion and well go every where piece of equipment. Thank you Bill Volckening for your kindness and trust in lending me your camera- it will come back!
My newish ( still under warranty) laptop has developed a very sad list on  one side of its screen hinges....and I did nothing to it
My Kafkaesque experiences with my block of land in Gellibrand continue, to such an extent that I go between despair and what the heck's at present a worthless asset , which I cannot sell, on which I cannot live and for which I have to pay premium rates- despite the fact that at present it's worthless. So I think my solution will be to call a bit of a work party, come help me fix up my shed please? and fix my shed so that I can live in it when I am in Oz- it's mostly lined already , has a wood heater- just need  to do something about a water tank,bathing/toilet facility( which can be solved in a camping kind of way) and power and something kitcheny.I may as well continue to Kafkaesque experience and see what happens if I do live there can only get better right? it also frees me up to be more in Europe and as you will see from the exhibition list this is obviously where I need to be for my work...
I will have to give up my studio in's a luxury to some extent and too far from Gellibrand in any case.

But most of all I was inspired...
India was 10 times maybe 100 times what I thought it would be  and no small thanks to my friend Fiona Wright and Creative Arts Safaris
Florence was wonderful- the unit I rented was in a suburban area, so I had to do things like a local, but also got to see some wonderful things- I think the one image that stays with me all the time is this one form the Duomo in Siena in marble....


Aussie Jo said...

Congratulations on those fantastic exhibition invitations Dijanne, you have some wonderful events to look forward to. The life of an artist is so uncertain but so rewarding. Well done on your courage.
Perhaps you could Airbnb your shed when it is habitable? It would give you some income when you are not there. If there was a bike provided for transport you might get some backpackers wanting to do the rail trail, it is such a beautiful part of the world and right in the middle of the most beautiful forest areas.

Quilteuse Forever said...

Dijanne I am so excited that you are invited in Toulouse! I am the local déléguée for France Patchwork, also working for the magazine Les Nouvelles with Monique LV. My friends and I will greatly enjoy to meet you and help you if necessary.
All the best to you,
Katell Renon

Monique 78 said...

Hi Dijanne, I hoped to see you in Biarritz, but not for this time; in Ste Marie in september maybe.
I wish you a lot of courage for your kafkaesque land problem. Hope you can live on it for some time in Winter before coming back to Europe. Hugs Monique

Rooms For Rent said...

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