Saturday, June 06, 2015

De Fil en Fil

If the previous three weeks was filled with art and duomos in Florence and its surrounding region then this last week has been filled with flowers and quilts.

I spent Thursday installing my work and some of the medieval project late arrivals in the little church dedicated to St Anne at Barcellone.It is one of the exhibition sites for the De Fil en Fil exhibitions organised out of Chabeuil. It is a lovely little stone church looking out over golden wheat fields and walnut trees, shaded by big plane trees....the bell rings every and each hour as well as the half hour in case you forget what the time is.  I do hope we get a few more visitors though!

Medieval project pieces from left to right , top to bottom, Neroli Henderson, Lyn Weeks,Lyn Weeks, Sherry Boram, Zak Watts, Jane Rollason, Judth Oke and Lyn Weeks ( and yes I took the photo before I put on the name labels). They will join the other pieces in Australia when I return at the end of next week.

Columbina is enticing customers for my book Musing in Textile:France ( which can be ordered by emailing me if you are not visiting the little church at Barcellone)

I visited some friends near Mantova at the end of my Italian stay in particular to see the little Castello Castiglione- but as luck would have it the keeper of the key was not prepared to use its opening powers on the only night I had so alas I could only photograph it from the outside. The tower of the castello was designed by Julio Romano for the Castiglione family.

The gardens  on northern Italy were filled with flowers of all kinds and I could not resist pomegranates ...... and Columbina was rather taken with water lillies....

I also visited another friend in Seyselles, and could not resist a visit to Marie and Lydie Coste of le Train Rouge, marionetteers I have visited before. They had a new Marionatte, Cassanova, and he was a bit taken by Columbina, but she would not have any of it as Pierrot had won her heart! She only posed for the photo in the arms of Cassanova because she had to.

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