Thursday, June 19, 2014

Slowly Working

It is hard trying to find a working rhythm when you are not in your own home or studio space- nothing is where it should be and much of my stuff is packed away. I have to dye fabrics to build up a bit of a stash so that my imagination can roam a little. I do dye fabrics specifically for  pieces but sometimes it is good to have some other ideas spark out of the fabric itself or to take you in a slightly different directions.

I made a new linocut as well of the vase of poppies from my previous post and yesterday my daughter Celeste and I played around with photographing the little vase this time with rosehip cuttings from her garden and some herringbone ferns.

The fabric in the background is some fabric that I ice-dyed, the colour is not as vibrant as what I normally dye but then the ice melted very very slowly because the weather was so cold and we. Will i succumb to the craze? hm maybe a little- I like the effect when I actually tied the ice into the fabric- it reminds me a little of outback water holes., and it's circles yet again!


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