Sunday, April 20, 2014

On the Go

I seem to have been on the go almost non-stop since my last blog post, though the last few days have been quiet- I needed the rest and also to recharge!

First some photos from Quilts en Beaujolais, which was as usual lots of fun, catching up with old friends, making new friends, Els Mommers from Saba in the Dutch Carribean, Chantal Guillermet, Caroline Higgs, Jane  Rollason, where I will be exhibiting in her village Viville in September and also conducting a workshop.
  So here are my five Chartres ladies altogether and below also faces inspired by Chartres for the Voyage art exhibition which was also shown at Quilts en Beaujolais.

I did spend a day or two in Lyon and in particular in Vieux Lyon after Quilts en Beaujolais where i found this  carved door handle  to an atelier of a young  card/textile artists whose name I did not record.

And a lovely  bookshop Diogene full of second hand books and  old  and rare books to die for, but there is only so much you can carry... alas. I spent a lovely hour or so there regardless.

And last but not least there is still time to join the On-line  Travellers Blanket class starting next week- just email me if you are interested in joining. I am also teaching this class in the flesh in Colac in begin July. And now that I have some moments to reflect on the last few weeks I think I shall make a start on one myself as well- something with a new  twist!


friv said...

Oh, you are a very skilled, I liked your product, how do I buy it?

Chrissy said...

You are surrounded with inspirational art - should be fairly easy to create something with a new twist.

els said...

I loved meeting you in Villefrance. Hopefully we meet again. Good lluck with all your new endeavours. You 're so talented.

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