Thursday, March 27, 2014


The last  two weeks have been incredibly busy, with teaching dismounting the  Sentinelles exhibition delivering them to Villefranche sur Mer  next to Nice so they can go home as luggage and teaching a day in the Aude region. I feel like I have done a whirlwind around France with barely time to stop and I also teach a class today, the last class ever at best of Quilting in Marcoussis before heading off to the United Kingdom early tomorrow.

So one last look at all the sentinelles as they were hung..

And that is not quite all of them- the room looked so bare when we had taken them all down, and the staff at MJC Palaiseau said they would miss them too. Unfortunately the sentinelles are now  not going to be shown in Canberra, which is a great pity but sometimes logistics and costing gets in the way of things especially as I could not be in Canberra in the beginning of May as I have to be at an event in Germany later in May.

I shall be at an ICHF event in London at EXCel 3/5 April- will have work on display and will also demonstrate some printing, plus the Voyageart work will also be on display. If you come to this event please come and say hello.

Then straight after this event i shall be off to Quilt en Beaujolais with all the new Chartres work- it's going to be a busy couple of weeks that is for sure as I intend to  also make some more new work.

I shall be starting a new On-line Travellers Blanket class after Easter this year. If you are interested please email me!

And finally some of the things encountered int he last few weeks..

Love the juxtaposition of the brightly coloured simple little boats with the more heavy duty hardware in the background!

The Lady & the Unicorn tapestry, marvellous as always:


Chrissy said...

You have an extremely busy time, I wish that I had gotten my act into gear and finished my sentinel, they look great as a group in the gallery.

Southampton inventory said...

Impressive stuff. I wish you all the best with your work.

kizi said...

I appreciate the time you have here for us, thanks

libby said...

Update on Sentinelles - they will definitely be exhibited at the Canberra Textile Fair, May 2-4, confirmed by Expertise Events. Depending on space allocated, we may not be able to display all of them, but will do our best!