Sunday, October 06, 2013

Small Linocuts

Nothing major has come out of my hands this week, so I made some small linocuts to use up a left over strip of lino which had been sitting around but was too wide to waste. Little linocuts can work really well as fillers and there were a few small ideas I wanted to try without committing to making a large linocut. So there are some grapes, stylised roses and the quatrilobe motif. When I make linocuts I am always looking to print them onto fabric and so some different considerations need to be taken into account. I usually do a paper print as well but as I use the textile ink and don't really prepare properly for the paper printing process the prints are  far from perfect. The  linocuts measure just under 10 cm square ( about 4 in).

Would anyone be interested in buying linocuts of this size? I am thinking they would sell for $20 plus postage.

It was a bit of a crazy week really- another health scare with my father and then his 81st birthday yesterday. he has to  undergo further tests so am not sure what to think.

Went for a walk with my neighbor on Friday along the Barwon River. it was very swollen after all the recent rain and some of the picnic areas were flooded. I am always bemused by the fact that birds are the ultimate opportunists...these two ducks squating and waggling their tails on a bench..

 And a heron enjoying the sunshine and the sparkling water despite its muddiness.

And last but not least- a sentinelle panel which I found  in my bag as I was looking for my camera. There are still panels for sale though their number is dwindling.If you  would like to purchase one and join the project please email me- cost of the panel is $15 plus postage( they measure approximately 8 inches x 18 inches)

There is also still time to join the on-line Travellers' Blanket class which starts on 22 October.Email me  if you would like some more details. I have dyed some of the muslin for some of the participants this time as not everyone has the space or the dyes to make the fabric.