Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mirrabelle in a Different Way

I have been working on a piece I needed to make for Voyageart, a group I belong to, with members from all over the world. We will be exhibiting last years work at  OEQC at Veldhoven, in the Netherlands next weekend. The brief is that we make an A3 piece every 2 months and this year we are exploring a theme set by ourselves- so I have chosen faces of the past. I was a bit bereft of ideas so I thought I would use the printed panels I made for the  Mirrabelle doll kits and use them  as an applique rather than as a doll.

I have photographed the stitched piece with the dolls and am surprised at how different they look!It also became a bit of a stitching marathon as I decided to  cross stitch the background fabric as it was a bit loud against the embroidered figures.In the photo below are all the ones I have stitched this year....displayed with some of my wooden printing blocks and batik stamps.

The doll kits are still available in a few different colour ways, and I would really like to sell them as I have to move house in February, and I have no new place to move to, as I don't want to rent another house in Geelong as it is way too expensive to rent, plus my youngest daughter will move into student accommodation (I hope) so this house will be too big to live in alone. I am going to Europe at the end of February for the Voices of Women Festival in Palaiseau, and then for a show in London, and then  to Nadelwelt in Karlsruhe at the end of May- so I am trying to lighten my storage load as I don't think I will  try and find something to rent if I am away for nearly three months. So as a Christmas special, I have discounted them and am willing to sell the remaining kits for $16.00 inclusive of postage ( AUS).

Each kit contains a hand printed outline of the figure ( male or female) on khadi cloth ( which is sourced from the Stitching Project in India), the backing fabric ( khadi ), anchor pearl 8 weight threads for the stitching, a colour photo with instructions.

Please email me if you are interested in a kit. I can be paid using Paypal but you will need to email me for details.