Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Catching Up

I am finally catching up on some work that needed to be done but somehow did not leave the back burner for awhile- lack of motivation and worries  being part of the problem, but it got to the stage that  I could not leave it a moment longer, so slowly I am wending back into working mode- and a good thing too- it was time!It always amazes me once you get back into that working mode and things work out- there is such a sense of contentment- and yet it takes all that time to get there even though you know when you are stagnating that all things going well  that feeling will emerge.

Winter is setting in here- not my most favourite time of year though I do like bare branches, and the dyeing foliage which seems to take on an ethereal quality.

 One of the properties we walk past must have a lovely fruit and vegetable garden with many old fashioned fruits like persimmons and  quinces. I could not resist a tray of these persimmons- they look so scrumptious contrasted with blue ( I was dreaming of a beautiful blue Moroccan ceramic plate, but fabric will have to do)

One of the things I had to catch up on was a commission of a 10 inch by 10 inch piece for Lyric Kinard which she requested awhile ago- the brief was anything at all... and in my state of stagnation I couldn't think of anything at all until  I played around some more with the centre of poppies- I like the contrast of the lines and shapes and the colours- the green seems to dance with the red- so it is heading off to Lyric today!

Oh and there is still time to enroll  in the travellers' blanket on-line class- just email me- I know my email link did not work in my last post- I am not sure why, so if you are interested I shall try and link again- otherwise please leave me a comment and I will follow up.


Lyn Weeks said...

Lucky Lyric!

Annik-Snor said...

I have joined your Travelling Blanket class and I am looking forward to start

Anonymous said...

Hi - can I join your on line class for the travelling blanket - you'd is beautiful!

Unknown said...
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Blogger said...

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