Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Open European Quilt Championships

I spent the last four days at the Open European Quilt Championships where I was demonstrating along with several other well known Dutch ( Els van Baarle and Cherilyn Martin, French  ( Pascale Brebonne)and English  ( Emma Wood )designers/ artists. Emma is an emerging designer making  designs for teatowels and stationary and will be releasing her new collection on her website in a months time. There were many excellent quilts int he competition and many interesting guest collections- unfortunately I did not take photos- I don't like taking photos at quilt shows because it never shows the work as it really is, and as it should be seen.

 I demonstrated some printing and also finished one  sentinelle panel i started before my trip and finished another at about 5 minutes to five on Sunday afternoon- which are for sale for 120 Euros if you are interested.Just email me

 The last two images are of some of the patterning on the outer doors of Chartres Cathedral- that stone can almost seem like textile is always a surprise to me!


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Gabriela said...

Your panels are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Personalized Pens said...

The pattern has such depth and detailed texture. Very nice!

pachmarhi hotels said...

Keep up the good work! If you figure out which races to run let me know

ChampagneCrushParty said...

I just wanted to say I stumbled here from Pinterest...and my day is shot. I have spent at least an hour pouring over your beautiful stitches. I am so inspired!!! I have recently ordered organic cotton from Alabama Chanin and am researching inspiration before I dive in. Thanks for so much here!!! BEAUTIFUL!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Dijanne. As usual, the sentinelles are distinctive and beautiful. I especially liked the intense blue one in a previous post. Nice photos of France, too. You are right. There are just some good things that can only happen in France!
best, nadia

rram said...

very nice articular Keep up the good work

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