Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nothing Productive This Week

Got home very late last Sunday night after a couple of days in France with my friend Christine Moulin. I went to Paris for the day on Thursday and visited the Musee du Monde Arabe which did not have their interesting shutter system working - as the sunlight moves, so do the shutters creating interesting light and sound. I wondered around the Mouffetard Quartier and found some interesting graffiti and wanderers and a very decent meal and glass of wine.

On the Friday we went to visit Vaux-le-Vicomte - a chateau I had read about after reading about the gardens created  by Andre Le Notre which included sections of the Jardin des Tuileries, and his life's work at Versailles. It was after seeing the garden ( and festivities) at Vaux created for the finance minister Fouquet by Le Notre that Louis XIV, in a jealous fit, had the minister imprisoned (Fouquet just narrowly escaped execution and there were other reasons for the vexation not least of which was Colbert's influence over the king, however the display of splendour of Vaux irritated Louis XIV to a great extent) As a consequence Louis XIV embarked on the extravagance of Versailles (and its gardens which were designed by Andre le Notre)- and centered his court at Versailles so that  he could keep a close eye on all his nobles. However it is Vaux which is considered the most beautiful and  perfect of formal gardens and which served as a model for many other formal gardens. One of the brilliant things of this garden is a square pool about 600 metres from the chateau- in which on a still day lies a perfect mirror image of the chateau- a feat or perspective still much admired in this day and age.I did get a bit of a mirror image but unfortunately the cupola was being restored so there was also the shroud of scaffolding mirrored.
Images from Paris and Vaux- click on the photo for a larger image

I have done little work this week- though intend to work on work inspired by France- i will be creating a book of work/images/stories/how to's of the work. But there were things to catch up on and then my father was hospitalised- and he is nearly 80 so  heart problems do have to be taken seriously. It was also the Geelong Quilters Annual Quilt-in- so preparation and attendance for that- I had meant to blog about it but life got in the way!

I will be starting another on-line Travellers Blanket Class- starting 1 July 2012. The cost will be $60AUS and simply email me for details or leave a message and I shall get back to you.I will be creating my french travellers blanket with some silk I bought in Lyon at the Maison de Canuts with the specific intent to create a French travellers blanket.Please join me!


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Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to doing this project with you at Wrapt in Rocky next month.

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