Saturday, January 01, 2011

A New Linocut

I have promised myself to be more productive this year and to use my time more efficiently! But as I seem to have few ideas for realising something in fabric I thought I would play with photo I took whilst in France. Nearly everyday i was in le Triadou I would walk the dog through a vineyard- and i watched as it changed from winter,spring, summer to autumn . I loved the changing light , the colours and the growing grapes. And I do want to make a quilt about that experience particularly as the theme for the  Italia Invita event is herbarium.

This was the photo i took on one of my walks- i love the richness of the texture of the bunch of  grapes and then the straight lines of the grass.

 I made the photo into a drawing in order to  to see the balance and to get a sense of the bunch of grapes.I then made the linocut and as i cut I could see much more textural possibilities for the grapes.

This is the resulting print- not  perfect as i can't find the good paper- but I really wanted to see how it looked . I also have not got my printing table set up yet so the surface I printed on was far from perfect. I liked what happened in the negative space- but will probably play around with it some more.

Marlis- I tried to leave a message on your blog to wish you  A Happy and Creative 2011- but it would not let me leave a message.


Flora Doehler said...

I really like how you've stylized the grapes. It is quite an inspiration for me.
I have tons of photos that I take with the thought of working them into a piece and your post has given me a 'push' in the right direction.

I enjoy your work and your blog. All the best for 2011!

Joy V said...

Love the linocut of the grapes. I think it would look great if used with a discharge.

Marlis said...

thanks dijanne!
i have no idea why you can't leave a comment on my blog. anyway, thanks!

Sacha said...

Hello Dijanne
I just visit your blog very often that I appreciate and admire your work all the more beautiful than each other ... thank you
2011 is here! Happy New Year's and your loved ones and friends

Elena said...

It's beautiful!
Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

Elsie Montgomery said...

How lovely and it inspires me too! Best wishes for joy in 2011...

SmallThingsClay said...

Absolutely unconditionally stunning work.

Debrina said...

I agree with SmallThingsClay! You've made a perfect linocut! I'm going to have to call your the linocut queen from here on in!
Happy New Year!!

Catherine G 78 said...

Superbe Linocut Dijanne,
I wish you the best for 2011,

Pamela Price Klebaum said...

I like the looseness of the print. Do you print on fabric as well? This is wonderful.