Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Still No House

Well that week has flown by and I still haven't found a house to live in which also means not a lot of work is getting done either. I could do a lot of hand stitching whilst I  wait , but it makes the finished piece too expensive for todays' market seemingly. So I need to reinvent what I do in some way enliven it , make my mark. If  I have a style what exactly is my style? I would love to hear what you think.

I have also been thinking hard on the idea that I would really love to set up a print workshop somehow- in a space. I have always loved printing and this week I have spent some time with my eldest daughter helping her with some of her printmaking- it's got ideas bubbling, but I also find that a one day workshop really is not good for exploring printmaking and the design of printmaking.

 The following photos of some of the printing my daughter has been doing:

She has combined linocut printing with gocco printing and tried different papers.I  really like the contrast between the two forms of printing.

Isn't the colour green in this photo just the best.......... light on the leaves.

And some pieces for sale- they are $45 AUS inclusive of postage. Email me if you are interested. More pomegranates- Persephone's forbidden fruit.
And I have only recently realised but my blogroll is gone- what do other people use- obviously blogrolling was causing a problem with google search engines- any suggestions?


ann vanherle said...

Een naam op je stijl plakken kan ik niet maar ik weet wel als ik een ruimte binnen kom met quilten, er ik jouw quilt zo uithaal. Je kleuren, machinequilten en handbroderie zijn zeer uniek voor jou.
Hoop dat je vlug een huis vindt

Brenda Gael Smith said...

Hi Dijanne - re the blogroll, since you have a blogspot blog, just use their blog roll gadget (Design>Page Elements - or something like that, I can't get into blogger right now). You can set it to show details such as the blog name, favicon and the name and time of their most recent post. There's no need to use an external widget.

Monique 78 said...

Pleased hearing from you, but sorry you haven't found a house with a place to work.
Your style? For me it's a mix of dying, painting and printing and quilting, I could say even over-quilting both by hand and machine. That's for the technique; and the subjects inspiring you come from nature, mainly trees, graphic designs in buildings and some mood from middle east. Yes, I think your work and hence your style is recognizable .

Anonymous said...

I love your style, don't change a thing! Also Blogger messes up alot but they usually get it fixed pretty quickly. Use the gadget to list your blogs.

ina said...

Hi Dijanne,
Love to hear from you again - A couple of weeks/months ago there was a little message that "blogroll" was closed because........???? If you use the Blogger-roll there will be no problem in the future.
Hope you will be able to get a good home to live and work soon.