Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back in Oz

I arrived back late last Thursday and the first few days  went by in a bit of a blur-was quite tired from all the travel (early  train from  Montpellier  to Paris and then 22 hours flying with a two hour stop in Doha and then arriving late at night in Melbourne).

Househunting is the pits because I don't fit any of the little square holes on a real estate tenant application forms- but I have to find a house in which to live sigh.... yes I am self employed  and i don't earn a squillion.Plus Australia has become very very expensive even in the 11 months that i have not been here. I have been putting in job applications but in all reality my age counts against me but I will keep trying, maybe there is an employer out there who thinks a fifty plus employee is actually able to do things. So I need to sell some work! Most of my small pieces have been sold but most of the bigger pieces are still available.
This photo was taken at the dyeing and printing workshops we gave at Atelier Printemps Sacré during the exhibition the weekend before last. We had quite a number of young people come and do the workshops and only one quilter. I hope the younger people will be inspired to continue to do some creative things with textiles. And of course in the future we will look to do more work with some of these young people- perhaps getting them to jazz up clothing or some such things.Anne Deckers also did some pottery workshops again for young people- who really enjoyed getting their hands into the clay and building pots. I think in the world out there there are those of us who build and construct things and there are others who deconstruct- both processes are valid as a means of expression but for me construction contains an element of optimism whereas deconstruction and destruction  seem to contain an element of  pessimism- who knows?

My mothers garden is in full bloom and I always love the very sculptural shapes of the grevillea and they are so very Australian.
And jazzing up a Ikea  polar fleece throw- they really  are quite stable for embroidery and it gives my hands something to do whilst i try and find a house in which to live.


Sally Westcott said...

Welcome home Dijanne! Got luck house hunting!

Monique 78 said...

Good luck house and job hunting.The grevillea color and shape are superb.

Rachel said...

Good hunting! I like the jazzing up you are doing on the throw. It wouldn't have occurred to me to embroider on fleece, and now I think I might try it!

Kristin L said...

Oooh, I like that jazzy IKEA fleece! Best wishes with the house and job hunting.

fiona Wright said...

Good on you, you sound great. Something really good is going to come of all this.
Fingers crossed for you with the house and job hunting. Your Mum will be pleased you are around and your girls,
biggest hopes for you

Chris said...

Welcome home, Dijanne!! May the force be with you! Cx