Thursday, July 08, 2010

On-line Linocutting Course and a Little Preview

I will be commencing my next on-line Linocutting course on July 14th. if you are interested in enrolling please email me. the cost is 40 euros or  $54US. (The cost is 40 Euros or $54 US. The course extends over 6 weeks with fortnightly instalments  of the lessons delivered in pdf format. I set up a group  to share your experiences and to trouble shoot any problems you may encounter. The lessons progress from mark making with the tools to more complex image cutting, using your photos as inspiration, and  colour printing)

Ok and I have been working on a quilt for a competition, these last weeks- so I can only show you elements of it. It started with this as inspiration:
This is a piece of silk I bought in Syria- I was told it was a very old design from the Ottoman period. It inspired this linocut- which is an in-progress photo.
The linocut made this print:

Which inspired this stitching:

And here is a preview of a small section of the finished quilt:
The quilt is called In the Spirit of Pattern and Decoration- i wanted to portray the rich layers of decoration I found in so many places in Syria ( and also harks back to the Pattern and Decoration movement)

And i am coming to the United kingdom on August the 16th. I was going to be going to Birmingham and Festival of Quilts- but that has fallen through. If anyone is interested in my teaching a workshop in that week please let me know.or if anyone in the Netherlands/Belgium is interested in a workshop just email me.


smarcoux said...

this is a little different for you Dij ... very nice indeed

Robbie said...

Can't wait to see this entire piece! I love the 'inspired by' pic and your linocut! Beautiful as usualy, Dijanne!

Elly Wijnen said...

wow Diane

Linda and Michelle said...

All I can say is wow...I can't wait to see the finished quilt, and taking your linocut class is on my list of things to do!

Stitch 'n Dye said...


that linocut of the paisley is really lovely. If anyone reading this is wondering about the course do it. I was part of the first one and it is fabulous.


fabriquefantastique said...

Ohh, nice blog that Ive stumbled upon, all my interests I'm your latest follower

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Elaine said...

This quilt is absolutely stunning, Dijanne. Very beautiful and exquisitely executed - as you always do.

nga smith said...

I love your linocut paisley work. Would you be kind to put my name on the list of a future online class on lino cut? Thank you.
Best regards, nga