Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Southern Lands at Centre Europeen du Patchwork

Clare Smith's Work

Robina Summer's Work

                                                             Sarah Louise Rickett's Work
                                                                 Fiona Wright's Work
                                                            Felicity's Hopkins' Work
                                                      Olga Walters' Work
I am incredibly busy at the moment but found time to visit the Fete du Couture at Centre Europeen du Patchwork and of course Southern Lands, the exhibition which is presently being shown there and which  I have curated. I could not manage to capture the  complete bodies of work of each artist but you will find the work and the artists statements on the Southern lands website.The seven artists exhibiting are Clare Smith, Robina Summers, Sarah Louise Ricketts, Fiona Wright, Felicity Hopkins, Olga Walters and myself ( I didn't include a photo of my work). Whilst i was there  I could hear visitors ohhing and ahhing about the work- and people just standing in the middle of the gallery and absorbing the work as a panorama-it was extremely heartening to find so many positive comments in the visitors book- formidable and magnifique being two words that jumped out . Thank you to the artists for submitting such awesome work!

On another note- the KISS project is still  happening- if you  indicated you were participating earlier in the year please send me photos of the completed work - after the weekend I will have more time to  set up a blog and get things happening !


Sally Westcott said...

Hi Dijanne,

The Southernlands display looks amazing - I wish I could seen it in person.

Did you get the email I sent you with mt KISS quilt photos?


lisette said...

how exciting! the exhibition looks beautifully hung :)

my kiss quilt went slightly pear shaped - i don't know that it counts anymore!

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Hi Dijanne
I hope my photo's of my KISS project were o.k.
I would have loved to have had a chance to go to the exhibition.


Hi Dijanne, just to say I only just saw your message so I will email you the pictures of my quilt some time this week coming and welcome news about a blog and/or exhibition re. the KISS challenge

Best wishes