Saturday, June 05, 2010

Bedouin Tent

I have in the past been heard to say that i wanted to live in a bedouin tent- little did I think i would spend the night in one! This bedouin encampment was outside of palmyra and came replete with chickens, dogs, a cat, quite some camels, sheep, goats and a horse!

This gorgeous girl was one of the younger women in the camp- so even in the desert without running water and mirrors you can do eye make-up!

That evening we were entertained by some local musicians, one of whom had been to Australia  to play his music. You can also see the inside of the tent decorated with embroidery made by the women, who sadly couldn't join us because of local custom that the women cannot be present in the presence of non-family members.

The embroideries were made by the sisters in this particular family- I love their naive expression of everyday and imaginary things.The embroideries were quite large- almost a metre wide and about 50 cm high.The depiction of the trees is quite charming as if the embroiderer got carried away with the idea of the shape of trees.!


Robbie said...

Wow! How intersting and lucky for you!! Isn't it wonderful to be exposed to different ethnic groups and appreciate what they each can do. How inspiring!

Hilton said...

Evokes some wonderful memories. Thank you........You living a super life now enjoy. I love the pics.. said...

Very useful material, much thanks for the article.