Monday, December 21, 2009


We decided to leave France yesterday, for the Netherlands where we are spending Christmas before going to le Triadou in France. The forecasts for snow and verglas sounded quite scarey and proved right as it has snowed most of today. We are staying in the small city of Hulst in Zeeuws Vlaanderen.It looks delightful covered in snow. I am excited by the fact that after 44 years of hot Christmases in Australia, finally when I am back in the country of my birth for a Christmas it will be a white Christmas! I am looking forward to the oliebollen!

I have also been re-united with some of the things and quilts I had left behind in Europe last year- I had forgotten quite how much stuff I had left here! At least I will have some fabric to play with again and try the new linocuts I have made out. I cut them a couple of weeks ago especially for a class I was teaching near Paris, Marcoussis ( where I will be teaching again in March). I will also be starting another lino-cutting course over the internet sometime in January- if you are interested please email me. I am also working on developing the material into a pdf book if anyone is interested.
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Robbie said...

So good to hear about more of your travel! And enjoy Christmas with the snow!!! Can't wait to see what you do with your lino cuts! I've packed my course info and stamps from your online class and they are heading to Florida with me! Happy Holidays, Dijanne!

Unknown said...

A White Christmas Dijanne! Wow!

Can't wait to see the new Lino cuts. I've been having lots of fun with my cutting tools. Thank you so much for the course - I recomend it to everyone!

Have a wonderful Christmas Dijanne!


Petra said...

Welkom terug in Nederland. Welcome back in The Netherlands. It is still snowing at my place, I have spend my time quilting today and looking out of the windows to see the kids play. Wonderfull to see.

Linda Robertus said...

Hi Dijanne, I'm so glad you are having snow in the Netherlands! (white Xmases are quite rare, you know). I would love to do you lino class in January. The beautiful things Sally makes have made me very eager!
Prettige kerstdagen en een heel goed 2010!

Joei Rhode Island said...

What! I got quite lost in daily happenings and you are in the Netherlands! Gorgeous pictures...wonderful adventures. Yes I would be interested in an internet lino class.

Margeeth said...

Don't want to spoil your fun, but I heard on the news the temperatures will be rising at the end of the week, and all the snow will be gone when it is christmas.
I guess in our garden there will still be snow, thawing or not, we have quite a lot of it and because our garden faces north, it always takes longer for the snow to disappear,

Monique 78 said...

There's still some snow in my garden and even on the street, but will Xmas be white? Probably not in Touraine where I'm going tomorrow.
Have a nice Xmas in your native country. Monique

Kaylene said...

Hi, I am married to a Dutchman and have made oliebollen and will be doing so again this year. Henk is from Zwolle, and we have planned a holiday in Germany and Holland in July.