Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not Quite a White Christmas- alas

The snow is melting- it was almost a white Christmas. It looked lovely whilst it lasted and sure beats worrying about bushfires and high fire risk days.

Coming away for a length of time has mean that I have had to leave behind many of the things which I normally work with including lino-cuts. I have bought more lino so I have been making new linocuts and this owl is one of the new linocuts. I have to think of some more designs and inspirations. And of course I will  be teaching an on-line linocutting course  in January next year. the price for the on-line course is 40 euros- I raised the price a little after many of the students provided feedback to say they felt I should charge a little more for the class as the content was good and wide ranging.

When i was in Paris I bought a book on the Werksstate- the Austrian  version of art nouveau- I like how they designed so many aspects of their surroundings ( much as the Rennie-Macintoshes did in Scotland) and how they repeated motifs in different objects.I think it is something I would like to develop  an enduring motif. I use pomegrantes a lot as a motif and love it and have used it since the middle nineties as a thread in my work, for which the classical and traditional symbolism associated with the pomegranate add meaning to the work itself- but i feel i want to develop another leit-motif in my work. I have also used fire as a motif. But a new dream needs a new motif- that is my motto for 2010!

I hope to post another blog post before Christmas- but in case I don't I hope however you celebrate it or not that you have a wonderful day !


Robbie said...

Happy Holidays to you too Dijanne! I love the owl!!

Elly Wijnen said...

Happy New Year Dijanne you have made a beautiful owl, I hope he is leading the way on your journey.

Chris said...

HAppy CHristmas Dijanne - the owl is most elegant - lovely.

Take care, Chris
PS e mailing Monday, hope it's not too late to be of use!!

World War II Hats Badges Knifes said...

Fabulous pictures are looking beautiful..

Monique 78 said...

Happy Christmas Dijanne;
I like your awl

June said...

The Owl is fabulous. Dream on and the motif will come to you. And Merry Christmas. It isn't white here in Portland Oregon, and for that we are all thankful. Been there, done that:-)