Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yesterday and today

We spent a substantial part of yesterday clearing away the long long grass on my block and cleaning up branches and bits of wood that were lying around everywhere. We have still more clearing to do, but I want to sell the block. So photo one shows the view towards the back fo the block, photo two from around the middle of the block beside my shed/studio. The block is an acre and a quarter with town water and electricity paid for ( when I can find the letter) There are established fruit trees, mostly varieties of apple, a hazelnut grove, a dam and some olive trees plus reisling grape vines. I am anxious to put it on the market as another block of the same size sold last week for a substantial price- and we get an influx of visitors over summer. There is not much residential land availabel in the Otways as most land has conservation zoning. And of course it has a lined shed with wood heater! So here is hoping it will sell.

Then this morning we hopped in the car- turned the key - and apart from the fact the starter motor was working- nothing. Argghhh My little Nissan needs a lot of work done to it, cv joints creak loudly, clutch is very short and then this- it seems it is the fuel pump! Just what you need before Christmas when you live 22 kms out of town. Fortunately I had bought a friends car last week ( and it needs some work done also, the muffler is loud loud loud) as a back-up car and to eventually give to my eldest daughter when she turns 18- so thank goodness for that.But it needed a new battery before we could get it going as it had been sitting for about 8 weeks.

So the long and the short of it is - we got very little textile done these last two days. Hope my block sells!
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Kristin L said...

My fingers are crossed for you.

Judy said...

Hi! Dijanne,

Things always seem to go wrong this time of year, mine was the computer. Hope your block sells quickly, and you can get your car fixed.

catsmum said...

fingers crossed for a quick sale and a good price