Sunday, May 28, 2006

Back to the Beginning of the Journey

I am back to the beginning of my journey and in the Village of Sant Feliu de Boada, in the Catalan part of Spain where I did some teaching nearby. I found this olive tree adorned with glass jars to hold tealights( i wish we would get such glass jars for our yoghurt in Australia- all we get is nasty plastic containers). The thought of tealights twinkling on a hot summers night sent me off into fields of imagination. Of course it was helped by the fact that i was reading Robert Dessaix's book twilight of Love:Travels with Turgenev and his exploration of romantic love.I thought, but didn't do it, of writing a counter to some of Dessaix's paragraphs( to practice writing )-his writing has such style and lyricism that I get really disappointed when i finish one of his books. I have now lent the book to someone else and am regretting it (even though I know I shallbe getting it back) as this olive tree straight away brought back moments from the book, and all I have is my unreliable memory to fill in the words. Posted by Picasa

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Olga Norris said...

We forget how quickly us humans have developed our technology which has taken us away from the simple rhythms of a pastoral life. We enjoy those moments of ancient nostalgia as a kind of longing to go 'home' when inspired by a sight such as the tealights hanging from the olive tree and the associations it sets going.

It is extraordinary the breadth of magical experiences we can enjoy these days - from nature to the internet!