Wednesday, March 22, 2006

No photos today- but a lutradur worksheet is available

I spent today taking the kids to their grandparents. We took the Queenscliff ferry and the day was gorgeous, sunny warm and calm- sensational really. But I left my camera at home so I can't share the gorgeousness of the day- the beautiful aquamarine colour of the sea, the cheeky seagull catching a ride on the ferry all the way ( it takes about an hour), the dolphins playing in the water alongside the ferry and just the pleasantness off the landscape still clad in its summer colour.

And tomorrow I drive to Mossvale about a ten hour drive or more to teach for four days.

But I said something new- some of you may already have it but Marion Barnett and I have worked on a lutradur work sheet and you can email for it by clicking on the link. We are also going to write a book- once my feet are a bit more on terra firma after the European trip, though I intend to do more work with the lutradur leading up to Europe.


Anonymous said...

Hij Dijanne, I have really enjoyed your description of the landscape and vieuws from the trip to your parents ( in laws?. )
I have tried to send an email about you lutrador works with Marion, but unfortunate the link didn't work. I am already looking forward for your new book, but I realise we have to wait for it for a longer period of time.

Ina Klugt

- said...

Your blog is one that I check frequently, love reading it. I tried the link for the email on lutrador and was unsuccessful. Will check back later to see if it's working. Thanks for sharing.

Del said...

03-24-06 The link for the lutrador still doesn't work. I'm glad you are home and creating again. Del

Denise said...

Can you please explain what lutrador is? I'm stimyed on that one! Like what you are doing here! It's very inspiring.
Thanks, Denise

smarcoux said...

OK Missy ... where are you ?? no posts and we keep checking back in to see what you have been up to !!! TO TELL


Maureen said...

And for some reason the Lutradur link wouldn't work for me either!