Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I was going to show some photos of the silk cord spinning we saw in the City of the Dead yesterday but then i came across the photo of this chap- and well really he is worth a photo all on his own! We encountered him just outside the glass blowing workshop we went to just outside of the City of the Dead- it is a very poor part of Cairo and people have difficulty finding money for their daily bread- yet we encountered courtesy and curiosity and this man, who is a water carrier, dispenses glasses of water to thirsty passers by. In the more well to do parts of Cairo these men are donned in picturesque garb and this man has tried to make do in the best way he could manage. Note the glasses under his right arm for the water, his jug adorned with fake plastic leaves and lemons- and the belt that holds it all ,made of various things twined around a central band which holds his water jug and which looks as if it has been built up over the years. I asked this man if I could take his photo- and he graciously agreed .

And yes cats are the same the world over- the ginger one in the basket lives at the supermarket close by to where we are staying- and she is very friendly- and loves to be stroked. I am not sure whether cats are still revered in the way they once were.Posted by Picasa

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Felicity Grace said...

Fabulous photo! BTW, Dijanne, I think I'm going to miss you by a few days as we are now leaving for Geneva (end of Feb. probably). :(