The Medieval Project

The Medieval Project

The linocut designs for this project have been inspired by the medieval period in France and in particular the figures on the Royal Portal at Chartres Cathedral and the  lady and the Unicorn tapestry in the Cluny Musee in Paris. The medieval period is known for is rich textile tapestries and embroideries and the high level of craftmanship in these fields.

The project will commence its exhibition life at Pour l'Amour du Fil in Nantes  in April 2015, an event organised by Quilt Mania and will see its Australian premiere at the Berry Quilting retreat in August 2015 plus other venues presently being negotiated in Australia and elsewhere.

If you would like to join the project there is a $25  fee, over and above the purchase of the panel to help defray administrative and travel costs ,which  will be paid when you send your piece for exhibition.

Information about the Specifications
Pieces may be no larger than 50 cm x 70 cm ( horizontal or vertical) and they can be stitched, layered, quilted , embellished or otherwise in any manner you like .  You can combine more than one panel. However bear in mind the exhibition will travel quite extensively so any special requirements for packaging or travel of the piece cannot be accommodated- so nothing fragile or breakable or requiring very special care. Please also make a small sleeve on the top of the piece though the piece may be pinned  on occasions for exhibition.


I intend to  carve on more linocut in the very near future-  so there will be four different panels plus the Medieval inspired tree which was part of our Pozible campaign for the book Musing in textile: France

There is the rabbit panel- inspired by the background in the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries. The print itself measures 25 cm x 20 cm and the price is $15 and it is available in different colours. Please add in $3 for postage. Colours may vary a little  compared to the photo and there are more colours available- just ask if you are interested.

Queen of Chartres- the print itself  measures 18 cm x 45 cm and she is inspired by one of the female figures on the Porte Royale ( early Gothic port) at Chartres Cathedral.  The printed fabric panels is $20  and please add in $3 for postage . The  colours may vary to the colours in the photo and of course you can request a colour- just ask!

King of Chartres- the print itself measures 20 cm x 45 cm and is inspired by one of the male figures  on the Porte Royale (early Gothic period ) at Chartres Cathedral. The fabric printed panel costs $ 20  plus please add $3 for postage. Colours may vary to the photo and of course you may request a particular colour- just ask me.

All panels are original linocuts which I have made and are then printed onto hand dyed cotton fabric which I have also dyed. They are ready for you to add your imagination!


Anonymous said...

I have bought some Queen Of Chartres in Ste Marie aux Mines and began to cover it with embrodery . It looks like Byzantine virgin . Would you like to see the result ?

Dijanne Cevaal said...

I would love to see the result!

Carolyn Clausen said...

When would you like the completed embroideries returned to you. NCEATA members have been busy, with several already completed. I'll post them in one package. I want to post a due date in our newsletter.

Unknown said...

I have just helped hang this exhibition at the Auckland Stitches & Craft Show. It is amazing and the idea behind it is quite inspirational. I hope lots of people view it over the weekend.!

Rosemary said...

The rabbit panels - can you tell me if they are travelling and on show and if so where currently.
I have one panel in this traveling group called 'Hugo'.
Love your work, Rosemary May-McSween