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The delivery date for works is 14 June 2017. You will need to email me for address details. Even if you have not quite finished your work yet please let me know as I need to prepare the information and list of participants ( I made a mistake in my booking for my return home)
There is  a button to pay by Paypal for the participation fee ( this fee also covers the return of your work at the end of the touring). If you would prefer to pay by internet banking please email me ( see link above) and I  will send details. The fee is $20 AUS  or $21 AUS if using Paypal ( for the service fee)

I can confirm the work will tour as follows:

Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair 22-25 June
Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair 27-30 July
Canberra Craft & Quilt Fair 10-13 August
Hamilton ( New Zealand) Craft and Quilt Fair 30 August- 2 September)
Wellington Craft & Quilt Fair 7-9 September
Adelaide Craft & Quilt Fair 21-24 September 
Brisbane  Craft & Quilt Fair 5-8 October

France- Quilt en Beaujolais- April 2018
Berry Quilt Retreat ( end August ) 2018

The Aussie Bush project has been inspired by the success of the Sentinelle Project and the medieval project- both of which toured widely and were much appreciated.

The Brief:

I have created 3 panels inspired by the flora of the Australian bush. Each  of the 3 panel prints measures 30 cm x 30 cm  with some extra fabric to allow for seams etc and has been hand printed on hand dyed fabric- so there is slight variations in each print because of its hand made nature. There will be a fourth panel which will measure 22 cm x 45 cm ( which I am working on as I write- the process is slow as the lino has to be carved before dyeing and printing take place)

Conditions of Submission
Each panel is for sale for $20 plus postage ( $3.00).

 The idea is that you can stitch or do anything you like to the printed panels as long as any given side of your finished piece is no larger that 70 cm. You can be as wild and bushy as you like and given the Australian penchant for making it up as you go be as creative as you want. Only rules are no larger than 70 cm square ( but any other size within that parameter is permissable) and  no fragile attachments- as finished pieces will travel in a suitcase from venue to venue. I am envisioning a wonderful encounter with the Australian bush!

You do not need to be Australian to enter- create your own version of an Australian bush encounter!

You can:

  • add other fabrics
  • collage fabrics/panels
  • apply fabric paint
  • hand stitch
  • machine stitch
  • quilt
  • embroider
  • apply embellishments
  • add beads
  • cut or alter
  • let your imagination run
If you decide to submit your piece there will be a fee of $20 payable to join the travelling exhibition which will travel for a period of  one and a half to two years.All submitted pieces will travel, there is no selection process. The fee is to offset administration/signage costs and return postage of the piece to you.It is payable when you submit your piece.

Each piece should be able to be pinned to a background fabric/fabric covered  stands. Please sign your piece on the bottom right hand corner and clearly label your piece on the back with your return postage address.

The exhibition will start touring form the middle of May 2017 and pieces will need to be submitted by the beginning of May 2017 .

At present I have on hand a selection of printed panels in different colours. The photos below show some of the panels and colours but is not exhaustive.

Gumnuts and Gumleaves:

Banksia Cones and Flowers:

Unfurling Fern Frond;


Blackwoods Dancing ( panels are not square they measure 22 cm x 45 cm, each colour in the collage is a different panel)


 Each colour is a separate panel. Email me if you would like to purchase a panel and tell me if you would like to join the project!
Or simply use the Paypal button and tell me which motif and colour.

Aussie Bush Project


Art2wear said...

Ik wil graag Blackwoods dancing , the meest links onderaan of 2e keus de gele rechtsboven
Ik heb betaald met paypal , Daar staat Gumnuts, die wil ik dus niet.

Chyfey said...

My dancing trees and angel panels have arrived and totally love the colours ,planing to start embroidering today.
Cheers Faye

Margaret said...

My angel and Black-woods dancing both arrived safely - today I have been playing with "Black-woods Dancing" (threads and accompanying fabric) with a view to completing it for your Aussie Bush Project

thank you Margaret

libby said...

Stitching devotedly on my trees! Pleased with progress so far.