Thursday, October 01, 2020

Getting Back Into Work Mode

 Finally it seems that restrictions will ease later this month as the number of new cases continues to go down, and we have some hope of some things returning to a kind of normal again.Hopefully postal services will deliver in a more timely manner- waiting for articles posted a few towns away for more than 4 weeks seems a bit ridiculous- but I guess many people are ordering things on-line and the cost of sending parcels overseas is ridiculous.

If the restrictions do ease then hopefully I can get videos done for new on-line classes and  I finally felt some impetus today to get working again. The last half of September felt like I was in some kind of vacuum and one day morphed into the next without much to show for it.

I have decided to offer the Traveller's Blanket on-line class for the  last time in 2020. The class will commence on 23 October. The last group  were really enthusiastic and achieved a lot and as a group exchanged a lot of information and ideas- it was a lot of fun and everyone looked forward to our zoom catchups. The cost of the on-line course is $75 AUS, I send pdf files as lessons over a period of 8 weeks ( one per fortnight) as  this is truly slow stitching and I have made some videos which I share in the private facebook group. You work at your own pace, and you decide the size of the piece, I keep stitching simple but if you are an embroidered then you can go to town with your stitching. Email me if you are interested and I can send you an information sheet.

The images are of work I created for the exhibition of Traveller's Blanket I had in 2018, which seems like eons ago. I also share some of the etiquettes I made for the exhibition with the intention of making them into a hand made book, but I ran out of time.

And the last images are of work  I have completed this year and the One World Traveller's Blanket which I am presently working on.

I have also been working on some linocuts inspired by the Australian bush and Australian  flora. I found some of my drawings I did when I was creating the linocuts for the Aussie Bush project. I love grevillea's- their flowers are really weird and wonderful.

I continue to walk  in the mornings, it's helping me keep my sanity. This morning I found a Tortoise  sunbathing in the Tortoise Dam at the Crinigan Bushland Reserve. There are lots of birds, frogs, and the occasional wallaby so i was delighted to encounter a tortoise!

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Jackie PNeal said...

Hello Dijanne,
I am trying to contact you in regards to your Traveler's Blanket course. Would you please contact me with the details at (Kampyarts)(@) (gmail) (dot) (com) I wrote it this way to hopeffully avoid spam.
Thanks so much,