Friday, November 15, 2019

Linocut Printed Fabric

Over the last month or so I have had a number of emails requesting what printed fabrics I have available and I haven't had time to photograph everything. I decided I would put it on my blog as other people might be interested also- as they would make a good Christmas present as they are relatively inexpensive to send overseas. Scroll through to see what prints I have available, there are lots of different sizes.

I hand dye all my own fabric so if there is a colour you would like just let me know and I can dye it and print it up as I am going to be doing a dyeing session on the weekend after visiting my mother in Rehab ( she is improving every day). So if there is a print you like but in a different colour that can be done. I have also included some images of pieces I have myself stitched just to give some ideas, but as I am not really an embroiderer- more of a stitcher- they are fairly basic. It is all about the colour of the thread and  accentuating the lines in the linocut or filling in the space. All the print designs have been  drawn and carved by me, that is,  it is original artwork and has also been hand printed by me.

Please note the size is print size- the fabric is larger  to accommodate seam allowances. Prices are inclusive of postage and packaging. Also because the fabric is hand dyed there may be slight variations in the background colour.

If you are interested in any of the prints please email me. There is still plenty of time to get them to you for Christmas. If you don't see a colour you would like , just ask!

Also as an incentive- everyone who orders before 5 December 2019, will have their name put into a hat, and a winner will be drawn on 5 December 2019 EST . The winner will get four prints of your choice  as a gift.

Tree of Life $28AUS- it is a large print it measures 40 cm x 50 cm- the price is inclusive of postage. You can request any kind of colour ( images of other work show what kind of colours I dye)

It looks good stitched by hand or machine. The one below I stitched by hand. I know  the green of the leaves falls a bit into the background but that was because that was the only green I had with me at the time- I think it would look a bit better in a darker green.

 Lady Without a Donkey  $25 AUS 38cm x 25 cm - price is inclusive of postage. Again if you like the print but don't see it in the colour you would like just ask and I can do it!

The middle  photo is of the panel I have stitched which was shown at the Berry Quilting Retreat earlier this year.

Blackwoods Dancing $23AUS - measures 44 cm x 22 cm

The piece above has been stitched to show you what can be done - the background fabric was pretty nondescript so all the colour comes from the threadwork.

Underwater $23AUS - measures  30 cm x 23 cm ( you can see from the photo below a fair range of colour is available)

I haven't quite finished the stitching the panel below- the background stitching still has to go in , but it gives you some idea of how much the colour of your thread plays a role.

 Babbling Banksia $23 AUS- measures 30cm x 30 cm

The machine stitched version of this print recently appeared in great Australian Quilts 2019- Quilters Companion with instructions on  how to assemble and stitch

Gumnuts & Gumleaves $23 AUS measures 30 cm x 30 cm

Pomegranate ( inspired by a Florentine design) $23AUS measures 30cm x 31 cm

The quilt below has been machine  stitched  and used three of the linocut printed panels.

Copse of Trees $23AUS  measures 30cm x 30 cm
This print can be printed onto any colour background. Unfortunately I have not had the time to stitch this panel as yet.

Renaissance Tree  $17AUS measures 19 cm x 24 cm. This print has been very popular and people have done some fabulous things with it! It was inspire by the Palazzo Davanzati in Florence.

French Roadside Weeds $17AUS measures 24 cm x 19 cm.
I haven't had time to stitch this one yet- one day!

Bird $17AUS measures 24 cm x 19 cm. Inspired by some of the motifs used by the Wiener Werkstatte. I haven't had time to stitch this one either.

Rabbit ( inspired by the Lady and the Unicorn Tapestry) $17AUS measures 24 cm x 19 cm

Shadow Figures $17AUS measures 24 cm x 19 cm
These figures were inspired by a workshop i did near Rimini a couple of years ago where we had to make figures out of shadows cast by foliage.

Vase with Poppies  $17AUS measures  24 cm x 19 cm ( approx)

Motif for Embroidery   $17AUS measures 20 cm x 20 cm. I have used some of these motifs in the traveller's blankets I make.

The  rest of the prints  are much smaller in size - sizes do vary a little from 12-15 cm on any side.

 Sea Scene $8AUS approx 12 cm x 12 cm

Cocteau's Cat $8AUS this print is slightly larger

Pomegranate $8AUS

Hare $8AUS
The hare print is actually double- the stitched piece is one I cut in half

 Owl $8AUS

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