Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Berry Retreat and Other things

 The Berry Quilting Retreat was last week and as per usual was great fun. There is always  lovely work on display  with great diversity and also much excellent teaching on offer. On the Monday  we visited the workshop Lissa-Jane de Sailles was teaching in  basket making and some of her urchin inspired little baskets had to come home to accompany the Atauro urchin blanket. It was also lovely to meet some of my online students in the traveller's blanket class in person and to see their lovely work!

 I also taught the linocutting class and it's always lovely to see the surprise students have when their print is actually printed. the second day more linocuts were made or the printed fabric was embroidered.Below is some of the work made by students, and unfortunately I forgot to record names. The first print is by Elizabeth Dubbelde.

The Aussie Bush Project will be returned to their makers in the next week. Unfortunately one has gone missing  presumed stolen which makes me feel terrible, but unfortunately these things do happen.

The Berry Retreat ,, will again happen next year from 17-18 August. I am already preparing for it! Elizabeth Dubbelde and I  are devising a  new class around the concept of mending and upcycling and embellishing and  I also have a new project on the go. Elizabeth asked me to make a linocut of an image I used for  the Musing in Textile Pozible  campaign, which is inspired by the Madonna on a donkey from the Cathedral in Autun, which is from the late Romanesque period or the early Medieval period. So I did so it is available for purchase. I will be  dyeing fabric on the weekend so I can print different coloured backgrounds.. She measures 26 cms x38 cms.  We will be creating an exhibition  with this linocut that has been embellished and embroidered by you and we hope it will again create a wonderfully inspiring array of interpretations. The working title is On the Road ( or Lady with a Donkey), There will be a size limitation of no larger that 60 cms square , but other than that you can do what you like!

The price of the hand printed and hand dyed fabric is $25 plus $ 3 p&p and you can nominate what colour background you would like. Just email me. The photo is actually of two prints.



The Idaho Beauty said...

Your linocut students consistently make and print such wonderful images. I'm sure it's not all innate ability. You are such a good teacher, as I can attest from the online class I took. I only wish I could study under you while in the same room with you. :-)

Chyfey said...

Hi its Faye here,
Would love one of your Modonna's in green if possible and Im also after the fern unfurling(green) and an angel....anycolour.I did leave a comment /order on your shop page but hadn't heard anything or more likely you replied and it got lost in cyberspace, which is happening a lot here at the mo as the town gets NBN.
Im so enjoying stitching my travellers blanket and the lesson 3 has been really interesting .
Cheers Faye

Dijanne Cevaal said...

Hi Faye- I only seem to be able to contact you via my blog. Could you please email me?

Mohammad Salauddin said...

Hi Dijanne Cevaal

Would you interested to use African Prints on your work?

steve said...

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