Friday, May 04, 2018

Flown Week!

Another flurry week. Last week this time I was very briefly in Le Triadou walking my favourite dog and catching up with my good friends Liwanag and Michel,after having taught in Pals in Spain.

Then it was back to Moux briefly to pack up my European life for a journey to Austria. I had looked at flying , but because I can carry 30 kgs internationally but not within europe decided that was not an option. There have been train strikes in France the entire time I have been there so decided that an overnight bus to Munich and then another bus onto Salzburg was the best option. In a way thank goodness I did as there was indeed a train strike on the Saturday I took the bus, but the downside was  the bus was very full and with quite a number of people with colds and goodness knows what other maladies sneezing and snorting and sniffing them into the bus airconditioning system- so now I am happily sniffing and snuffing as well..... I am so sick and tired of sick people just frothing whatever ails them into confined spaces, like buses and aeroplanes, for all to be able to luckily capture it.

So I arrived in Salzburg a bit worse for the wear after a long night on the bus and was met by my hostess for the workshops this week in Rottenbach. We  had seriously delicious  icecream in Mondsee and visited the Cathedral before heading to the workshop venue at the seminar centre Schlegberg, which is in the Upper Austrian countryside.

  Tha Catherdral in Mondsee and  someone reading the riot act below!

The photo below is the seminar centre where the workshops are being held. Lovely country side all around and the smell of cow poo, because the local farmers are hoping that finally some rain will come and if the thundering and lightening were anything to go by tonight I hope it arrives.

And who can resist dandelions??


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