Wednesday, December 28, 2016

In the Shed

I have finally managed to borrow a car so I can be down in the shed. I had been trying to survive without a car but unfortunately Gellibrand is 22 kilometres from the nearest shopping town, so a car is a necessity. It made me a little crazy not being down here simply because I live out of a suitcase about 6 months of the year ( when I travel) and it is hard to  make new work when there is no base at which to recharge and think and prepare.

I finally have most of my things in one place after having them spread between various places for the last three years and it is nice to become reacquainted with favourite things and small things acquired on travels. I never buy big things because it is too difficult to carry and I only want small little reminder of places I have been.

The boxes below were purchased in Syria- in Damascus. I really do worry about all the people I knew there- are they alive- how hard must their lives be amidst all the destruction and war.

I did manage to put some colour on fabric a few days ago- something that always makes me happy- thinking about what I will do with the colours- do they speak to me- what can I make with the many possibilities. The colours are much better in person!

 And then to be reacquainted with printing done in the past- simple but effective !

I am hoping to  be a little inspired in the next few days and really get stuck into some work , making new things.

I wish all of my faithful readers a safe and peaceful  2017- hope your year is filled with inspiration and kindness- I feel the world needs much more kindness and empathy and awareness.

Don't forget there is still time to enrol for my online Linocutting class which commences after the first week in 2017. See my previous blog post for details or message me.


Fiona Wright said...

Happy new year dear friend. Glad you made it out there... I know how it makes your heart sing xx love from us

Monique 78 said...

Happy New Year Dijanne. Glad to hear you're less isolated with a car. Next step is to have enough power to run a sewing machine. That's the wish for this year. xx

els said...

Happy New Year for you too Dijanne. Glad to hear you have a car now and are a little bit settled. Hope we will meet again coming year, if not it will be in 2018 in Beaujolais.

Dentellebleue said...

Tous mes meilleurs voeux pour l'année 2017 pour toi Dijanne : je sens dans ton long message à la fois ta fatigue d'être toujours sur le départ et en voyage, mais aussi la satisfaction de trouver enfin un coin à toi, qu'il te reste à aménager... Bon courage, et la santé surtout pour toi et tous ceux que tu aimes.
Pour la créativité et l'inspiration, je ne me fais aucun souci pour toi, tu réalises des ouvrages tellement personnels, et magnifiques ! avec toute mon amitié