Saturday, February 06, 2016

Life Tree Linocut

It's been beautiful sunshine most of this week and the dog and I have been doing the long walk. Sometimes I would prefer to do the shorter walk but when we get to the junction where we have to make that decision the dog has on it's face this look of "You are kidding aren't you- come on we are doing the long walk!" Or maybe she loves the Pic as much as I do. Each day it seems different and each day we encounter something different- the little changes of the season, the moodiness of the clouds, the clear blue sky, lately the birds have been twittering madly.The almond tree has sprung into full blossom almost overnight and everywhere spring is trying to burst.

I have been doing some hand stitching . Have to get some batting to do machine stitching ( am waiting on that from Victorian Textiles who so kindly sponsor me with batting- thank you) I have been stitching on some banksia's - what else, but I quite like how weird and quirky these are turning out- it's exactly what I had in mind for this banksia variation.

I have also been working on a big linocut of a tree. I like to think of it as a life tree/tree of life. It measures 40 cm x 50 cm and is by far the largest linocut I have made. It took ages to carve it out, but as it was wamr and sunny outside I could sit outside and do it.

Inking up the linocut ready for printing. I like to use a denser black textile printing ink these days- that is also on the ordered list awaiting for arrival. But I was really keen to see how it would look after all that work!
The background fabric is quite busy but I like the light shining through the middle of the tree and with stitching it will  bring it alive .

The blue background is more even. This print is for sale in case anyone is interested . The price is $40AUS ( it is twice the size of my previous largest print) plus postage. Email me if you would like a print!

There are still some spaces for the workshops in Le Traidou which begin next weekend. All workshops will go ahead You can look at the program here. There is a real opportunity to develop your work if you are so inclined as well as learn lots of techniques.

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