Sunday, January 03, 2016

Happy 2016

Happy 2016. After a scorcher on  the last day of December which had me in a quandary as to whether to stay or go, it was wonderful waking up to a much milder day on New Years day! and it has continued to cool down a little each day which makes thinking possible again!

I have spent the last few days putting things away as  just about all of my things are here now, and how nice it is to be reacquainted with things after nearly two years of having things everywhere.

I had been looking for this little piece for about two years it was meant to be a postcard for a friend- but somewhere along the way I lost it, so I was happy to find it again and perhaps now I can make that postcard!

My daughter bought me a Self journal for Christmas- which is a 13 week project to try and keep on track and set some goals- at first I thought maybe I would start later but after reading through the introduction and looking on the website decided to just begin on New Years Day. I am not sure I have got my head right around it yet- but I can see that it might work and  if anything it will keep me on track for  the large work I need to do. Just even setting a structure for the day had gone missing in the last 2 years of being in various places, and to be perfectly honest I had not journalled very much during that time- which is a habit I normally keep at. The journal is geared at setting goals and taking steps to reach those goals.

One of my goals is to blog more. I have decided that it is a much better way to keep in touch than the time drain of FB, and Instagram is nice and quick and isn't subject to the same amount of drivel that flows across the screen. I know you can change setttings or hide people, but then what is the point? I feel my blog is a better point of contact and when I look at the friends I have made through the years it has been my blog rather than FB that has been the meeting point. So I have promised myself to blog twice a week.

I have also decided to make an e- magazine- after looking through all my photos taken during the year, I started thinking that a thematic magazine sharing some of the things i encountered might be of interest.I am aiming to have the first issue ready in March 2016. You will need to subscribe- the magazine will cost $6 per download, and if you subscribe for 12 months ( 4 issues) the subscription will be $22. The magazine will not only contain textile travel stories, but also stories of other art inspirations and  each issue will contain a profile of another artists and/or artists business. I will create an article sharing  some of my techniques and may even do one or two projects not only techniques. I will also add a favourite recipe or two and will really try and show how I work and create and hopefully that will inspire you. It is meant to be an all round informative travel textile magazine. I will create a more in depth magazine profile, but my first issue will be based around travels in India- email me if you would like to receive further information- your name will go on a list but I will not share that list with anyone. I know I share quite a lot on my blog but I think the magazine format will allow me to develop more indepth content, that is more than just a flip through.

And some Gellibrand images. My blood plums are starting to colour, but unfortunately I will be leaving before they are ripe. Some of the trees are covered in interesting lichens, which make me want to try some natural dyeing- but I have to keep on track for the next 13 weeks so that might be a project in winter.

And there is still time to join the on-line linocutting class on 26 January 2016. And remember you can use Speedball or Easycut  pads rather than lino ( they are a bit easier to carve , the resulting prints are subtly different but they still work really well). Cost of the class is $60AUS- just email me if you would like to join. I will send you details of how payment can be made. And just to see how fabulous linocuts can be- check out  Carry Akroyd!

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