Thursday, February 12, 2015

Medieval Project

I have been so busy ( and it's still ongoing) with the book and our  meeting our Pozible commitments that the Medieval project went on the back burner for a little.
These are some of the lovely pieces I already have to hand- by Anne Sushames, Robina Summers, Lesley Goddard,  Susan Mathews, myself and one  whose envelope is in my studio  and as I am not in my studio I cannot tell you the name of the maker of the lovely yellow piece ( as there is no lable on the back)

So it is time to update what is happening with  the Medieval  Project- because  we need to start seeing finished pieces please.
Robina Summers' lovely "nature" ethereal piece

There has been a bit of a change in plan in that I am going to India at the end of February to finally attend one of Fiona Wright's Creative Camps in India. This has been on the wish list for awhile, as Fiona was always saying come to India , but whilst my youngest daughter was still at school I could not justify it, and now that I  don't actually have a home as such I thought why the heck not- as it is on the way to Europe where Iam teaching and exhibiting in late March. ( does anyone in Italy want me to come and teach in May?)

So this means I would rather not carry all the pieces with me as my route is not direct and ask that you send your pieces to France direct.As the pieces are not large I don't think postage will be too onerous. If you are in Europe then the postage will be cheaper for you anyway! They will need to be in France by 14 April and if you email me  and if that does not work then on I will give you the address to send them to. I would also like to know if you are sending a piece for exhibition because I have to work out the logistics of hanging the pieces as I am going to device a back cloth on which the pieces will be attached ( as soon as possible and approx size)- I hope there will be as many pieces as with the Sentinelle project.I hope that they will come from all over the world because I have sent and sold prints around the world.

 There is a participation fee and again if you email me I will give details of how that can be paid- but as I am asking you to send the pieces directly to France I have decided to reduce the fee to $20 rather than $25.The fee is to cover the expense of travel for the pieces and their travel case and administration and labelling etc and return to you the maker.Also all pieces entered will be exhibited. I was so delighted with the quality and charm of  the sentinelle pieces that i will not jury.

 I can tell you the first exhibition event will be Pour l'Amour du Fil in Nantes from 22-25 April- an event organised by Quilt Mania and which is growing every year. Then the pieces will return to Australia for their Australian launch at the Berry Retreat on 29-30 August 2015 and then  Expertise events will tour them around- we are just  discussing venues and timing at present- but I anticipate it will travel as widely as the Sentinelles have and hopefully more!

So please please please let me know whether you are sending a piece!

All pieces will need a label with contact details . A hanging sleeve is not needed but if you could perhaps attach velcro dots or  strip this would be very helpful.

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Just wondering how long before the pieces come back to the maker.