Thursday, May 01, 2014

Sentinelles Update

It has been a  bit of a saga getting the sentinelle embroidered panels to Canberra for the Creative Textile Show this upcoming weekend. Unfortunately due to space restrictions not all will be hung, of course every effort will be made to hang as many as possible, but Expertise Events have assured me that all will be hung at the Craft & Quilt Fair in Melbourne late in June, and I shall be there as well. Firstly I would like to thank Elizabeth Dubbelde from Berry Patchwork for all her help in getting them back to Australia and then to Canberra, and to Libby  Campbell from Canberra for being mother to them during the Creative Craft Show.

And Exciting developments....
And remember they will then be shown at the Berry Retreat the last weekend in August- before they go back to France. France Patchwork were so blown away by the wonderful  atmosphere and work in the individual panels that they are at this stage busy securing further venues in france for them to be shown. I will be able to give you definitive dates soon, but they will see more of the world in 2015!

Older Works for Sale
And when I was recently  in le Triadou I rediscovered some of my older work which I had stored and almost forgotten about.Storage of older work has become a challenge and so  I am selling older work at very reasonable rates ( basically materials only) I made one version of Bindi's and Billabongs in 2001 and decided to make another version in the right size for  Under the Southern Cross travelling exhibition in 2002.

The work measures 100 cm x 120 cm  and is made of hand dyed cottons, has been machine stitched  and quilted and also has soem foilling on it. It  was widely exhibited with the Under the Cross travelling exhibition including the Mesdag Museum in the Netherlands. The price is $200.00 ( AUS) plus postage. Email me if you are interested.

River Systems was also made for a travelling exhibition entitled Twisted which was shown at various venues in Europe and Australia. It also measures approximately 100 cm x 120 cm and is made of hand dyed fabrics and has been hand printed and machine stitched. The price is $200.00 (AUS) plus postage. Again email me if you are interested.


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