Saturday, November 09, 2013

The Ladies are Growing

A fairly quiet week and still no laptop- I think it will really go to laptop heaven, which is pretty annoying for it to happen at this time. I have been trying to work out where I will live once I come back from Europe in late May, but nothing is jumping at me. Geelong is simply too expensive, but  more in the country also means more travel and the cost of petrol is pretty prohibitive these days, perhaps it will be France after all! We are gearing up for my middle daughter Siena's 21st next week- hard to believe that the time has flown and that she has reached this milestone.We will have the party in my shed seeing that still has not sold-there is plenty of space for people to camp, if the weather behaves. Now if that block of land were to sell life would take on a whole new look!

And the winner of the blog give away from the post before last is Lemonade Sandwich- I looked at your blog but you had not posted in quite some time. Can you contact me please so I can get postal details?

I have been stitching on more Chartres ladies- I am very tempted to say to the world I will make at least one of these a day for  at least the next two months, though some will have to be variations of ones I have already done...hmmmm worth keeping on going or not???It's very soothing work and it is also very tempting to make one into a print, apply some stitch and sell it as Christmas cards- they would hopefully be lovely enough to frame?Would anyone be interested if I were to do this?

All of the  embroidered faces have been inspired  by  feminine representations at Chartres- apparently there are at leats 120- I certainly have not seen them all!


Bec Clarke said...

I have started on my lady and it's quite exciting

Nina Marie said...

This brings to mind that I started a ladies project that I never finished because it was fused and I just didn't much care to work in that manner. I should get them out and finish them up!

lemonade sandwich said...

I sent you an email last week. I hope you got it! I'm so excited to have been picked.