Sunday, September 01, 2013

Older Things

The cold has not got any better, actually worse. I could not even go and see my father for Father's Day as i don't want to spread this nasty one to two elderly people with every ailment known to man or just about.

So I have  tried to just be quiet, but don't you know it , the weather is on the improve and when the sun is out, I want to be out in it or in the sunroom where it's sheltered from the wind, and after what has been months of feeling low, dare I say it depressed, when I have really had to set some new boundaries and learn to say no to my parents, I couldn't just be still and stay in bed.

So I pulled out my  Across Australia quilt- which I had been looking at for some time. For the  quilting in the central panel  I had free motioned zig zag stitch to create a kind of leafy effect. The effect was fine but it also had the consequence of pulling in that section of the quilt tighter than the bottom part so that it was never straight. It annoyed me. Why I persevered with the free motion zig zag when I  knew what it was doing I don't know, maybe it was the looming deadline?So here is a link to how it used to look  Anyway it has bugged me since I made it, and today was the day to pull out all that zigzagged free motion stitching. And because I wasn't feeling I should be doing something else it came out remarkably quickly, so quickly that  I could see that now the quilt was much straighter and so I wanted to see it quilted with another stitch. End result it's all done.

I am much much happier with it like this. It measures 100cm x  120 cm, consists of a hand painted background done the African painting style, transfer printed lutradur , tied dyed cotton and hand printed cotton.

The quilt below is entitled From One Flat Place to  Another, it was made for an exhibition about immigration but it was never selected- it has kind of languished in one spot after another. I know I was upset it was not selected- perhaps it was because the story was so close to my heart and I felt  it as if it were some kind of personal rejection- anyway it's a quilt that I have never exhibited anywhere else.It belongs to a period of my life that is no more. It measures 105 cm x 120 cm. The question is what to do with it? Should I just chop it up? Is anyone interested in buying it? ( I will sell it for $300AUS plus postage  if anyone wants it) or do I chop it up and use the flower as  small quilt lets?

The  flower above is a banksia,  a very Australian  bush/flower. I used to have many in the garden down in Gellibrand. I used to be besotted by banksias and now somehow they have become emblematic of a former life , another dream, and sadnesses  that I would rather not be confronted by. Of course the tulip is the symbol of my former homeland. I came from an area that lay just 1 kilometer away from a bulb growing area, and so  bulbs were part of the spring garden.. The text on the blue panel read " We went from one flat place to another flat place by crossing oceans. The language was strange, the people stared. We were outsiders, we were migrant. It took time to feel home. I am of two places, Australia and Europe. They are a part of me as much as I am a part of them"

And last but not least a new Sentinelle panel which I have stitched onto felt. I stitched most of it whilst in Europe in April and i used felt as I could not get any batting. I like that the stitching still created texture on the felt.It is still possible to buy sentinelle panels and be a part of the Sentinelle  Project. The panels cost $15 AUS plus postage ( $2.60AUS) and measure 20 cm x 45 cm. We hope there will be many panels to display! Email me if you would like one or two or three .I can do Paypal for overseas customers.

On-Line Linocutting Class
I shall also be running another on-line linocutting class commencing 22 Septemeber. You will learn how to make linocuts and the classes and exercises have been designed to hone your skills and build your  confidence. The lessons are delivered as pdf files and there will be a discussion group, which this time I shall set up as a closed group on Facebook as it is more immediate for discussion.The notes comprise about 90 pages of exercises and examples. Indienne  Inspired was made with linocut printed fabrics. If you are interested the cost  is $60 AUS- and email me ! if you want to join or would like more information.

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Alison Schwabe said...

The banksia and tulip could be excised from the quilt (which isn't a strong design but I think you know that's what's bothering you) and they could be bound and either stored for later or mounted on artist canvases (which could be painted a unifying colour) and put up on a wall as a pair - the flowers are the linked significance - then let the rest go. You could overdye and bind parts to use as trivets, cat beds, whatever. Or, roll it up again and put in the cupboard for that retrospective ... nah, you have far better things from your past than this.