Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Little Progress

I am slowly- a little too slowly- wending back into work mode. Somehow a  quilt was not speaking to me at all- I was writing things down, ideas, ways of stitching even drawing , but not a lot of substantive work. But my printing is starting to  come together into a piece that I will  construct into a quilt top today. Things changed from the pink I had been thinking when I dyed a very dark and moody purple on Thursday- it made the purple printed panels look completely different , and so I have discarded the pink panels, and printed some black leaves onto the  deep purple. It is difficult to see the black leaf print, but it will emerge more when I stitch.I auditioned a few things before  I  decided on the black printing and I played around with the shape as well.

 Little stylised apple shapes in green and black- didn't suit the print panels
 Leaves in pink- too much the same as the print panel

There is still time to purchase a sentinelle panel if you would like to be part of the Sentinelle  project. The idea is that you embroider or stitch or embellish the panel  however the mood takes you. All people who have registered their  participation will have their finished panels displayed at Voix au Feminin in Palaiseau and in all likelihood at the Textile Art Festival in Canberra next year- and any other venues I can source.If you would like to purchase a panel and participate int he project email me. The panels costs $15 each  plus postage ( approx $2.60) and is hand printed on hand dyed cotton. My linocut is starting to deteriorate badly so I won't be making any more print runs with it- as I want to preserve as part of the project.I still have a good range of colours available.


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