Sunday, March 03, 2013

Homage to Dufy Finished

Finally I can say my homage to Dufy is finished- it really took a lot a lot of stitching, a lot more than I had anticipated. All those roofs had to be stitched several times to make them stand out. I  used a light coloured thread on the back of the piece  so that you can see the  image albeit reversed- may as well see all that stitching! Even though there was movement in the  final print ( the river is not quite where it should be) and it was my fifth attempt I really could not spend any more time on it, as the transfer papers take more than a day to paint.And why am I so taken with Dufy- well this scene is based on a design he made for a tapestry and he did a number of tapestry designs- so there was a  textile  sensibility that he used in creating the design  and well I could see it translated into lutradur. As you can see I have called the piece  Hommage a Dufy and Paris

Tour d'Eiffel  on the wrong side I know, but when you do this amount of stitching , it's worth seeing ?

I also belong to a small group called Voyagearttextiles and our brief this year is to create six A3 pieces  exploring a personal theme. I am exploring Faces of Old, but there will be more explanation on the Voyage art blog, but I did want to share the image of the piece I worked on this weekend.These beautiful and whimsical elongated figures on the Western entrance to Chartres Cathedral capture my attention every time I see them- they are a mix of romanesque abstraction with  the gothic.


Corinne Loomer said...

Awesome work!

Dr.Purushothaman said...

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Margaret Cooter said...

That certainly IS a lot of stitching in the Dufy piece! He's done a black-and-white print (with silors)that the V&A has, which is one of my favourites -
The elongated figures are beautiful ... but don't fit into my own definition of whimsical!